Yoga is back!

Join Sara on wednesday evenings at 7pm for an hour and a half of yoga exercises.

 Try yoga for a gentle way to improve your strength, stamina, flexibility and concentration. Wednesday evenings, 7pm- 8.30pm, main hall, £24 for 4 sessions.

The class is a general session for mixed ability students who want to keep fit and active. We start with a relaxation to focus the concentration and then move through a variety of lying, seated and standing poses, considering different parts of the body and keeping the mind focused on the breath. We finish with a deeper relaxation to allow the mind to review what the body has accomplished.

If you think that you are too stiff or too un-sporty to do yoga and you can’t get your feet behind you head already, then this is the class for you!

Through yoga, you begin to understand that our bodies are wonderful things and that if we take a little care, we can do amazing things. For further details, please contact Sara on

All necessary Covid19 protections in place, your safety is our concern too!