Our Vision, Mission & Values


The vision of the SMCC Whithorn is to enable the South Machars region to become a sustainable, aware and inclusive community that meets local needs using local resources through local initiatives.


In order to achieve its vision SMCC Whithorn has as its mission:

● To manage a community building which provides affordable facilities for a range of activities, that is fully inclusive and accessible to the local community.

● To continuously develop and update the building, to adapt to the changing needs of the community as they arise and to continue to seek innovative ways to meet these needs.

● To provide accommodation for local community groups and public sector organisations in order to enhance local services for residents, particularly for those people who are disadvantaged, vulnerable or who face difficulties accessing provision appropriate to their particular needs and circumstances.

● To develop activities that provide local residents with opportunities for self-development, volunteering and involvement in the community.

● To become the hub of a federation encompassing the South Machars region of community centres, halls and buildings, for our mutual benefit.


Celebration – of our community coherence in a fun, friendly, family, welcoming atmosphere.

Sustainability – caring for the future of the community and the environment

Community led – focusing on peoples ideas and needs

Inclusive – we are all welcome

Beauty – allowing the majesty of artistic influence to help shape our lives.

Ownership – this is OUR community!