The Centre is now reopened following Scottish Government guidelines

If you would click on the link below and complete a one minute questionnaire it will really help us.

Room 1 (15.3m x 6.7m)

Also known as the Main Hall.  Click here for photos and further information.

Room 2 (8.75m x 7.15m)

Also known as the GP Room. Sink and worktops.

[Room 3 (9.75m x 7.05m) Not in use – being worked on.]

Room 4 (7.75m x 6m)

Room 5 (6.55m x 3.6m)

Room 6 (5.25m x 4.4m) 

Small meeting Room. Space for 6 people socially distanced at 2 meters. Pictures and further info

[Room 7  Not in use – being worked on.]

Are you looking to deliver a service in the South Machars area?
Are you an entrepreneur looking for a venue to progress with your idea?
Are you looking to hire a space for a small business to flourish?

There are various spaces available within the newly refurbished centre which are suitable for many different purposes. These spaces are available very soon with no up front costs, no hidden charges – just pay for a room as you use it!

If you would like further information please get in touch, we will listen to you and support your needs – no matter what your idea is

contact us – info@smccwhithorn.org – or message us on facebook 

We would appreciate if you could share this post to spread the word – thank you!